ICQ-project and FX quartet are presenting a joint multimedia performance in the format of a musical battle.The participants of the collaboration define the genre of the event as musical and philosophical interaction in 8 parts with a completely simple message: it is about love 😉 The focus of the listener’s attention will be the string Quartet, presented in the form of a universal instrument of interaction both in music and in a daily life. Acoustic sound of the FX quartet is opposed to the characteristic electric sound of the iCQ-project Ensemble. Also in the program: video installation on the plot of Virginia Woolf, hip-hop versionRead More →

Interview with Asya Sorshneva, artistic director at LegeArtis Festival Lech Asya Sorshneva is one of the most talented violinists of our time. Even as a child the Russian talent impressed numerous juries at musical competitions with her virtuosity. After her training at Tschaikowsky music academy in Moscow she also gained international fame and had performances together with renowned musicians all over the world. Classical, rock and theatre – the violinist is open for everything and likes to experiment with different styles. As artistic director of LegeArtis Festival Lech, Asya is in charge of young musicians. In her interview with La Loupe she speaks about herRead More →

Asya became to be a courator of the classical and avant-guard content on the music festival Soundscape. The festival Soundscape (Russia, Nikola-Lenivets) is engaged in research and development in the field of experimental music and experimental sound. For musicians this is an experiment in which the latest technologies are combined with the forces of nature. For viewers and listeners this is a new experience of music that has become an expanse. Soundscape is the technology of creating bulk acoustic environments, allowing the listener to literally immerse yourself in sound. The Soundscape festival is a sound sculpture and installation, integrated into the natural landscape. In theRead More →

On behalf of the LegeArtis Festival Asya Sorshneva took part at a charity concert held in aid of UNICEF at the International Berlin Club under the auspices of Prince Charles.