So cool, my violin brings me a luck to meet such a wonderful and giving people. One of my favorite collaboration is American duo CocoRosie. As a part of the CocoRosie band I was invited to work on several projects directed by Robert Wilson (Pushkin Fairytales, Edda, Jungle Book).
    Down there you will find some pictures and videos, which I keep as a very nice and remarkable memory of performances with such musicians. There is also a nice interview with Gidon Kremer, you can listen to a part of Cesar Frank quintet, made in the frames of the Chamber Music Connects The World project (Kronberg, Germany), where also performed chamber music with Lynn Harrell and Garry Hoffman. I was also performing with Philippe Graffin, Gerrard Jose, David Grimal, Julian Rachlin, Udo Jürgens (find a small video below), Peter Aidu, Boris Andrianov, Lukas Genusias, Vadim Kholodenko and Vienna Chamber Orchestra (by Stefan Vladar), Anton Batagov and Russian State Orchestra (by Vladimir Jurovsky), A.Sitkovetsky, Apollon Musagete Quartet and Istvan Vardai, Andrey Gugnin, Arkady Schilkloper, Anton Dressler, Alexey Igudesman (find funny video in the Sounds of the underground), Brazzaville, Stephen Ridley, FX quartet, Olena Uutai, etc
    In 2020 releases the album of my improvisations "Chrysalis" in a collaboration with Mikhail Myasoedov, supported by Fancy music and Kotä records.
    One of the joyful collaboration is taking a part in Persimfans, condutorless symphony ensemble, based on the art-group of artists, who are inspired by the ideas of the music and art of 1920th.

        with Kalan Sherrard
        with Anton Dressler, clarinet, electronics
        with Peter Aidu, historical piano
        with Brazzaville
        with Ippolitov-Ivanov quartet, TV show 4x4
        Human of the World in Russian Museum
        with Olena Uutai and Helavisa, LegeArtis Festival
        with a street theater project "Eskizy v prostranstve"
        with Persimfans, First conductorless orchestra
        with Matthias Schriefl, trompete, Alpen horn
        with Bob Wilson and Aurore Deon on the premiere of Jungle Book, Theater de la Ville, Paris
        with Pavel Dombrovsky, the Beethoven project: ten sonatas for piano and violin
        crossover project with FX quartet
        with Lukas Geniusas, LegeArtis Festival in Lech am Arlberg
        with Udo Jürgens
        with G.Hoffman, L.Chen-Argerich, F.Kempf at LegeArtis Festival in Lech am Arlberg
        with Persimfans, first conductorless orchestra
        with Gidon Kremer on the Chamber music connects the world at Kronberg, Germany
        with Udo Jürgens and Pepe Lienhard jazz band
        with B.Andrianov, A.Manotskov, S.Malov and G.Khokhlov (Arzamas project)
        with Brazzaville
        with A.Batagov and V.Jurovsky
        with Lena Kaufman, jazz improvisation
        with Peter Aidu (historical piano)
        with Stephen Ridley and icq-project quartet
        with Stephen Ridley and icq-project quartet
        with A.Sitkovetsky, L. Elschenbroich, I.Vilanueva
        with A.Sitkovetsky, L. Elschenbroich, I.Vilanueva
        with Irina Vilkova
        with J.Rachlin, A.Baranov, E.Kunz, B.Andrianov
        with FX quartet
        with FX quartet
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