"Lege artis" means: "by the law of art".
That is the main idea of LegeArtis in Lech
"LegeArtis Lech is an international music festival, held in the Austrian town of Lech, one of the top ski resorts in the Alps. The festival sets itself a challenging task – to create a concert platform for classic music stars of the new generation"

Asya Sorshneva,
violinist and winner of international competitions,
and artistic Director LegeArtis Lech
"Lege artis" means: "by the law of art". That is the main idea of "LegeArtis" in Lech. "Quality and internationality" are the two principles that led to the creation of the Festival in Lech. The intention was to draw young and exceptional artists from various fields of art to Lech and – inspired by this picturesque place in the mountains – let them enter into an "intercultural dialogue" with each other. In the past years, renowned artists and ensembles have performed at the Festival: Julian Rachlin, Stefan Vladar, the Vienna KammerOrchester, the Pepe Lienhard Band, Dmitry Sinkovsky, Aleksey Igudesman and the Apollon Musagète Quartet, to name but a few.
► Multi-disciplinary format: in addition to concerts, the festival features lectures, exhibitions, installations, and video art-performances.

► Young and already successful musicians perform side by side with renowned artists.

► The audience of the festival is comprised of music lovers, lech visitors, special guests and city administration representatives.

► Variety of event locations: from luxury-level hotel complexes to a medieval cathedral
LegeArtis Lech is an annual event held in September in Lech. Outdoor activities and sports create the image of summer and winter Lech in one, while LegeArtis Lech Festival followed by forum Philosophicum embody the third, cultural season of the city.

Located in the Alps, during the festival lech turns into a musical Olympus. The quiet resort city with its remarkably picturesque nature has become an integral part of the festival forming its unique atmosphere.

"The Lege Artis Festival meanwhile is a very important part of the cultural summer activities in Lech. Every year the organizers are able to schedule a programme, based on international well known artists, who are performing in Lech. I want to say a big thank you to the whole organizing team, leaded by Asya Sorshneva for their professional work they did."

Ludwig Muxel
Mayor of Lech am Arlberg

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