We tend to believe that a festival is a series of pre-announced concerts; a repeated program, where a number of well-known masterpieces are alternately played; elegant concert halls, posters and autograph-hours. It is really so, but all this is not the music itself, but merely her usual decoration. LegeArtis dismantled this scenery, dares to put your concert experience aside, to leave the spectator's chair and to step out of the room, where the music has its origins.
The laboratory of contemporary culture «Human Of The World»
The aim of Art lab is a harmonization of the surrounding space through the creative process and the involvement of passers-by. By involving people into our worldview, we invite passers-by and strangers to join our Table - the symbol of hospitality and communion. The people become a source of inspiration by sharing their energy and creativity.

We create the space for impressions dance and intelligent electronics, passed through the prism of their own, absolutely unique and even melancholic gaze that reflects instrumental jungle and Slavic folklore, dark trip-hop and acoustic deep techno and an old record player which plays only jazz and the unknown...

By allowing music to arise and develop infinitely, we do create and release her immediately. The installation "Table Of The World" presents a symbol of freedom and joy of life, a welcoming table, where the audience is welcome, whose role in a standard concert would be limited to applause. They find themselves at the table, at the same time guest and host, in order to participate in the ceremony, an equal actor during a spontaneous performance, which allows to liberate us from the past and the future, and live the moment.
Therefore, there are no "artists" and is no "audience": a little glass bead play, a little primordial ritual, such music brings together the very different "leading people" from classic, jazz and theater who usually probably wouldn't stand together on a stage. The marvelous jazz musicians Arkady Schilkloper and Matthias Schriefl, the living sculptures of Roman Ermakow, Hellawes with her unusual folk rock vocals and the incomparable Olena Uutai create a happening and a zone of improvisation.
Meet our artists
Olga Uutai
Jaw Harp
Harp, Vocal
Matthias Schriefl & Christopher Wegscheider
Arkady Shilkloper
Salto Band
Anton Dressler
Andrey Popov
The laboratory of contemporary culture «Human Of The World»
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