LegeArtis Festival in Lech
is known in Austria, Switzerland and South Germany
as a concert Festival built up by
a new generation of musicians
About LegeArtis Festival
LegeArtis Lech is an international music festival, held in the Austrian town of Lech, one of the top ski resorts in the Alps. The festival sets itself a challenging task – to create a concert platform for classic music stars of the new generation
Goethe's programme
The Festival Concept 2016 - "Glass Bead Game", centers around the tragedy of Goethe's masterpiece. Each concert is designed as an open semantic composition, a series of connecting meditations on the images and ideas of "Faust"
programme 2016
Competition for young talents
For the first time in the history of the festival a competition for young talents was part of LegeArtis Lech
Programme 2017: ArtLab
The aim of Art lab is a harmonization of the surrounding space through the creative process and the involvement of passers-by. By involving people into our worldview, we invite passers-by and strangers to join our Table - the symbol of hospitality and communion. The people become a source of inspiration by sharing their energy and creativity
programme 2017
"Lege Artis" means: "by the law of art". That is the main idea of LegeArtis Fesival in Lech

about LegeArtis
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