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with A.Sitkovetsky, L. Elschenbroich, I.Vilanueva
with A.Sitkovetsky, L. Elschenbroich, I.Vilanueva

Here you will find my recent tracks of the music, which made with using electronics.

The heat and the swelter of the dry sands of the Atacama Desert give the illusion of rain, from which mirage gardens bloom, filled with outlandish flowers and insects. In the midst of this obsession, the mythical butterfly Itszapalokl, the Aztec patroness of the country of rains and fogs, opens its cocoon. These two compositions are recordings of two violin improvisations, based on the principle of repeating a musical fragment lasting 23 seconds. In a collaboration to Mikhail Myasoedov.
This music is about flying, floating free in space, contemplation of the infinite, of interstellar distances and particles invisible to the eye. It is about the mysterious luminescence of planets and scorching radiance of the stars, about the incredible distances our imagination can envisage and about the beauty of the universe.

Weightlessness Solar Wind (fragment) - theremin and electric violin
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